Eptalofos (Agoriani)

the village of waterfalls

Eptalofos (Agoriani), Prefecture of Fokida, Mt. Parnassos

The guesthouse «Mavrodimos» is located at an altitude of 850 meters in Eptalofos, on the northwest side of Parnassos.
Eptalofos is widely known as Agoriani, as it was its old name. It is one of the most beautiful villages of Roumeli, as well as of the whole Greece.
The dense forests that surround it consist mainly of firs, plane trees, cherry trees and walnut trees, while through the Central Square, the river Agorianitis passes, the waters of which form an impressive waterfall.

Agoriani is ideal for all seasons. In winter the snowy firs make the landscape look ... Austrian, while in the summer the dew from the plane trees and the plenty of waters constitute a great reason to visit it!

Eptalofos is only 24 km away from Arachova, 20km from the Parnassos ski resort and 34km from Delphi.